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Who are we?

Tenería Panamericana del Bajío is located in León, Guanajuato, Mexico and is one of the most important tanneries of the region. We are a company dedicated to greasing, dying and detailing of leather and its derivatives.

With clear goals and objectives we have positioned ourselves in the market as one of the best tanneries in the region. Currently 60% of our production is exported to the United States, Canada, El Salvador, Colombia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Korea and China; while the other 40% satisfies the domestic market.

Tenería de león Guanajuato México Panamericana del Bajío
Piel negra tenería en león Guanajuato Panamericana del Bajío

OUR Products

We Develop A Wide Variety Of Products.

Do you know, what is the
industrial ecological network?

Panamericana is also considered a recycling company, given that leather is a by-product of the meat and dairy industries.

We care about

You need to know that Tenería Panamericana is highly committed to the
environment, because we know that the quality of our products also lies
in the way we make them.

Tenería Panamericana

Tenería Panamericana has certifications such as: LWG (Environmental
Stewardship Audit), GTO EMPRESA LIMPIA (Clean Industry State
Certification), ECOTANNERY (Environmental local certification), CESRL
(Company with social responsibility).

Tenería Panamericana

Tenería Panamericana is member of different associations like: BLC (Leather
technology Center ltd), CANALCUR (National Chamber of Tanning Industry),
CICUR (state OF Guanajuato Chamber of Tanning Industry), LN (Leather

Our extensive range of products is essential in your designs, every 6 months we develop a season that has 28 different lines of leather that will help you create what you imagine.