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Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love

Teneria Panamericana started operations back in June 2006, through the vision of 4 partners that decided to share their passion for the leather’s , aiming at the highest quality standards, starting a new project in the city of León.

Operations started with the help of just 4 employees that used to perform several roles in the company, from production tasks to customer service and management.

Driven by the ideal of consolidating the company at a worldwide scale, the tannery’s growth has been sustained year after year. Today over 200 employees share the same dream that 4 partners started a few years ago.

Thanks to their clear vision, Teneria Panamericana has been consolidating in the market as one of the best tanneries in the region, satisfying  its customers’ demands through the talent and commitment of its people, who work as one to achieve our dreams and goals year after year.


Today Tenería Panamericana has increased its production capacity through mayor investments in equipment and infrastructure in order to satisfy our customers’ requirements. Our production capacity has increased over 60% thanks to these investments.

Over 30% of our products are sold to different parts of the world.
Currently our leathers reach countries like: Canada, USA, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, U.K, Korea and China.
Our products are bound to the markets that serve the shoe, leather goods and furniture industries.

At Tenería Panamericana we care about the environment  and we contribute to our planet through energy saving programs that we  have established.

The tannery  features solar panels that generate both photovoltaic electricity and thermal power to heat up water.

We are proud members of BLC (BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd.) and are currently undergoing LWG (Leather Working Group) certification process.





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